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If you want to discover the true soul of Venice, breathe its unique essence that for centuries has been fascinating artists and poets, storytellers and wayfarers, our residences are the one for you, characterized by their unaltered structure over time, combined with the most modern comforts .

You can choose to immerse yourself in city life, between the labyrinth of the streets and the chatter of the canals, in our Rialto structure, between the pastel colors and the smell of the Burano fishing boats or find out where it all started, between the green spaces and uncontaminated of Torcello.

There is nothing that has affected me in my life like Venice. It is the wonder of the world. (...) I arrived there in the evening, and the feeling of that evening and the bright next morning is now part of me for the rest of my existence. (Charles Dickens)

The heart of Venice - Rialto Mercato

Located in the beating heart of Venetian life, a few steps from the Rialto Bridge, the B&B Antico Mercato is a small dream suspended in time, a window between present and past, between tradition and modernity.


The lagoon is an ancient work of nature. (...) Human art took over the most eminent points, and thus Venice was born, connecting in itself a hundred islands, surrounded by a hundred others. (Johann Wolfgang Goethe)

Torcello: the origins of Venice

In a corner of the lagoon away from "calli" and palaces, immersed in the memories of ancient legends, where the streets whisper of ancient peoples, our rooms overlook an oasis of unspoiled nature, a place for travelers to feel at home.